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Thursday, 13 Aug 2020 01: 56 PM MYT

Muhammad Didit said he originally prepared for the video to be a within joke for his followers.– Screengrab from YouTube/sobat miskin officialPETALING JAYA, Aug 13– An Indonesian male became a not likely superstar when a YouTube video of himself staring into space for more than two hours gained over 2.8 million views.

The video was posted by Muhammad Didit in July on his channel “sobat miskin authorities”, where he generally shares clips of himself trying out different food experiments.

Didit, 21, informed Tribun News in July that he never ever expected his viral popularity as the video was only indicated to be a joke for his followers on social media.
” Yes, I didn’t anticipate it at all since I only meant to make the video for my subscribers,” he stated.

The youth from Madura Island said he initially planned to make the video five to 10 minutes long but ended up being so absorbed at the same time that filming ultimately stretched to over two hours.
He likewise made preparations to ensure there would be no interruptions throughout the video.
” I ate initially, went to the restroom, and provided (filming) a try. It turned out well so I decided to make it 2 hours long.
” During that time, I was honestly not too concerned about having to utilize the toilet however was more afraid of my parents requiring me.
” If I do not answer them, I’ll enter problem,” Didit stated with a laugh.
The YouTuber said he made the video as an ironical action to commenters who asked him to make more “favorable” and “academic” content.
His eccentric kind of humour has actually generated copycats on YouTube from individuals who have published comparable videos of themselves gazing into nothing for prolonged amount of times.

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