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If you have read my (various!) surety articles online, you may believe bonds are the only thing I appreciate. While this is true, I do have concepts on other topics and here is one that has me concerned: Cyber Security.

The hazards are all around us: Phishing, hacking, rejection of service attacks, infections, identity theft and charge card scams. It is apparent that the bad men will never ever let up, never ever stop trying to find methods to take advantage of people – unless we do something dramatic to prevent them forever.

So here they are, solutions that are affordable or FREE! that will assist safeguard you, your personal privacy and your possessions.

Protect Your Information

Do you trust the “cloud”? What if they lose your information, sell it or they get hacked?! Here is a service that will secure your passwords, account numbers and other important info, avoid all web and email rip-offs and ensure that you have total access to all your info, all the time.

This solution is portable and long-term, and the overall cost is (you’re gon na love this): $1.79 at Staples.

This security solution is called a “Pocket Note pad.” Here’s how it works.

You make a note of all your essential things, then you put the note pad in your pocket.

THAT’S IT! No hacking, no phishing, and you can take it with you when you fish. Totally portable!

Charge Card Fraud

A lot of ways for thieves to get your info. They utilize skimmers to read your data. There is malware, web frauds and picking through your trash.

Here is a security service that will prevent all unapproved use of you credit/ debit cards – and this one is Free! This solution is called “Cash.”

Money is paper currency and coins released by the government. You can use it to buy anything, and it is accepted everywhere Pay with Cash and never stress once again about unapproved access to your account.


Facebook and other social media platforms collect your details – then what? There is no other way to anticipate who may have access and after that misuse it.

Our final security option is another Free one! This will absolutely protect your information from abuse or attack on the internet. You will still have the capability to pursue new relationships and keep existing relationships as you do with your current social media.

In fact, this option goes even further! It allows an improved level of communication where you not can see the person in actual time, and really touch them! It is called “Talking.” You talk to the individual, they address you and (get this) they are right in the space with you !!! Insane!

This is in fact a very old idea that has actually been utilized successfully for thousands of years. It is attempted and shown – and it might work for you, too.

So there you have them, three fantastic low-cost/ totally free solutions to the cyber dangers we face. Innovation may be the cause of the problem, however it is not necessarily the cure. With this article, we welcome you to consider the following:

  1. You might not find the service to every problem in your cell phone. I admit they are cool and do a lot – more every day. But in some cases “old-fashioned” is better. Attempt giving it a possibility occasionally.
  2. You think all Bond People are boring? We’re not! We love to utilize our understanding and creativity to solve bonding problems. Our underwriting personnel has many (many, many) years of contract surety know-how. When you call needing a quote or performance bond approximately $10 million, our greatest pleasure is to be the solution you were trying to find. Keep this number in your brand-new $1.79 Note Pad: 856-304-7348

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