Indonesia among Leading Contributors to UN Peacekeeping Objective

Jakarta. Indonesia will continue to increase the variety of workers in UN peacekeeping missions and keep position as one of the 10 greatest factors to the worldwide mission, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said on Friday.

The nation presently releases more than 2,900 workers to UN peacekeeping operations while increasing the number of female officers.

” Indonesia is ranked 8th among 119 nations who contribute to the UN peacekeeping mission,” Febrian Alphyanto Ruddyard, the ministry’s director general for multilateral cooperation, stated in a video conference.

The nation also included the variety of female personnel at UN missions, Febrian stated.

Indonesia deploys 158 women to seven UN peacekeeping missions in Lebanon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Darfur, Mali and Western Sahara. At least 570 Indonesia women have actually participated in UN peacekeeping missions since 1999.

According to the UN Peacekeeping website, Indonesia deployed a total of 2,837 personnel in August. They include 314 law enforcement officer, 2,459 soldiers, 22 military professionals and 42 personnel officers.

Indonesia is the eighth-biggest factor after Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Egypt.

When assuming presidency of the UN Security Council in August, Indonesia effectively had its proposal on female peacekeeping force embraced by the Council.

Resolution 2538 was gone by acclamation to promote the function of women as “peace agents” under the UN peacekeeping force.

It contacts UN member states, the UN Secretariat and local companies to promote the full, efficient, and significant involvement of uniformed and civilian ladies in peacekeeping operations at all levels and in all positions, consisting of in senior management positions.

The resolution is the first of its kind to promote females as members of the UN peacekeeping force. Initiated by Indonesia, the resolution has actually won assistance from 97 UN member states, including all existing members of the Security Council.

Rarely has actually a resolution been sponsored by the whole members of the Security Council.

The resolution encourages member states to develop strategies and steps to increase the deployment of uniformed women to peacekeeping operations. It encourages cooperation among member states and in between the United Nations and regional and sub-regional organizations beforehand higher involvement and function of women in peacekeeping operations.

The UN peacekeeping force presently has 5,327 female workers, accounting for just 6.4 percent of the overall peacekeepers.

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