Indonesian divers find crashed plane’s black box as investigation continues

Indonesian Navy divers have retrieved one of two black boxes on Tuesday that may hold the key to uncovering the ill fate of Sriwijaya Air flight SJ182, but questions remain as to how the plane crashed despite suggestions that it was intact before hitting the water on Saturday. The team of divers who have searched waters off the coast of Jakarta since Monday morning found the flight data recorder (FDR) at 4: 20 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. Indonesian Military (TNI) Commander Air Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto said the investigation would continue after the divers had managed to narrow down the location of the black boxes by picking up on signals from the devices. The other black box, the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), is still missing. Black box data helps explain nearly 90 percent of all crashes, according to aviation experts. “We will continue to evacuate any victims and piece…

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