Muslims can follow MUI fatwas to face pandemic: VP Ma’ ruf

Vice President Ma’ ruf Amin, who is likewise the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) chairman, has said Muslims in the nation can follow the council’s fatwas that supply assistance in facing the pandemic.

The government has worked carefully with the MUI in providing policies in regard to tackling COVID-19, consisting of about vaccines, Ma’ ruf said in a statement on Friday.

The MUI’s guidance consists of guidance on Friday, Idul Fitri and Idul Adha prayers along with alms, which can be utilized to fund COVID-19 handling, and daily prayers for medical workers in hazmat matches.

” It is hard to perform day-to-day prayers without unzipping the fits. The MUI has actually released assistance on how to perform specific relocations [in the hazmat suits] throughout prayers in properly,” said Ma’ ruf.

Another MUI fatwa is on how to carry out Islamic mortuary and burial treatments while still following COVID-19 procedures.

” As for vaccines, I have asked for the participation [of the MUI], from planning to procuring, to ensure they are halal, examine the vaccine’s factory and check out vaccine centers in China.

“[The MUI is also needed] as we immunize the public,” stated the vice president.

Ma’ ruf said he had made sure the vaccines would have the MUI’s halal accreditation prior to being provided to the public.

” However, if the vaccines are not halal but there is no service other than the said vaccines then, in an emergency circumstance, [Muslims] can receive the vaccines with the MUI’s approval,” he included.

He further said vaccination remained in line with Islamic teaching, including that in a typical scenario, the five top priorities for Muslims were protecting religious worths, lives, wealth, offspring and minds.

” Nevertheless, in an irregular situation such as a pandemic, Islam teaches us to prioritize safeguarding lives. As securing lives has no alternative, therefore we need to make it a top priority [hence the vaccines],” stated Ma’ ruf.

The vice president stated he motivated the general public to continue acting properly and never give up abiding by COVID-19 health protocols, while urging government officers to continue educating the general public about the virus, especially in locations with a high transmission rate.

National COVID-19 job force primary Doni Monardo said the general public required to keep their faith in facing the pandemic, apart from practicing the “3M” procedures, which include washing hands, wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance.

” Please stay calm and be client in facing the pandemic. Persistence enables us to manage ourselves,” Doni said during a virtual campaign on COVID-19 handling in Jakarta on Friday.

Doni reminded the public about the danger of the pandemic as the virus had spread to at least 350,000 people across the country with at least 12,000 casualties.

” Those are still substantial figures, although the number of recuperated cases has actually reached 275,000 up until now,” he included.

Since Sunday, Indonesia had actually tape-recorded an overall of 357,762 verified COVID-19 cases with 281,592 recuperated cases and 12,431 deaths. Jakarta contributed the most validated cases with 92,382, followed by East Java with 48,452 cases and West Java with 29,543 cases. (nkn)

Editor’s note: This short article is part of a public project by the COVID-19 task force to raise people’s awareness about the pandemic.

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