Enviro Ministry highlights need for better waste management methods

( Our) Waste issue is indeed remarkable (complicated). In one day, the assumed waste production in big cities is 0.7 kg per individual

Jakarta – The Ministry of Environment and Forestry has actually stressed on the need for altering public behavior and executing better strategies to handle Indonesia’s waste problem. The assumed waste production in small cities is normally 0.5 kg per individual,” director general of waste and B3 (dangerous and hazardous products) management at the ministry, Rosa Vivien Ratnawati, told the press at the opening of the 2021 National Waste Care Virtual Festival here on Monday.

Waste production by the community involves getting rid of leftovers and single-use plastic bags, which, in turn, add to the growing stack of waste, she observed.

That truth further stresses the importance of better waste management, due to the fact that most of the garbage dumps in Indonesia still utilize an open dumping system without any treatment at all, she said.

” Others (trash) are dumped into the community unlawfully,” she added.

The director basic then emphasized the need for educating and raising awareness amongst the people so that they can alter such habits.

Throughout the event, the ministry’s waste management director, Novrizal Tahar, stated the 2021 National Garbage Care Celebration is being held practically to display the numerous achievements made in waste management in Indonesia.

The achievements consist of the development of waste banks by neighborhoods, and waste decrease carried out by manufacturers and various other parties, which are anticipated to act as examples in increasing waste management capability, he notified.

The federal government is targeting to achieve a waste management capacity of up to 100 percent by 2025, 30 percent in waste reduction and 70 percent in handling, Tahar stated.

” This (virtual event) is also an effort to share knowledge, so that success stories in other locations can be transmitted rapidly to other locations,” he added. (INE)

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