Floods swamp 1,078 houses in Langkat, North Sumatra

Langkat, North Sumatra – Flood overloaded 1,078 houses in Batang Serangan Sub-district, Langkat District, North Sumatra, following perpetual heavy rain that activated Air Tenang and Batang Serangan Rivers to spill over their banks.

” The flood waters reach a height of in between 30 centimeters to 100 centimeters,” Batang Serangan Sub-district Head Arie Ramadhani stated here on Sunday.

Flooding submerged 120 homes in Batang Serangan Town, 50 houses in Sei Bamban Town, 34 houses in Pujidadi II Hamlet, 70 homes in Pujidadi III Hamlet, 154 homes in Pujidadi IV Hamlet, 40 houses in Sumberjo Utara Hamlet, nine homes in Dusun Tahun 10 Selatan, and three homes in Dusun Tahun 10 Utara.

Floods likewise flooded 302 houses in Karya Jadi Village, 96 in Durian Tunggal, 13 iin Sentonga, and 152 homes in Samitrisno Village.

In Kwala Musam Town in Sungai Pasir Hamlet, nine houses were flooded, in Karya Sari Hamlet 12 homes, in Emplasemen Air Tenang three homes, and in Afdeling Air Tenang one mosque was likewise affected by the flood.

More homes could be flooded as rains continued to fall in Langkat.

Indonesia is presently experiencing rainy season that might activate flooding in numerous provinces as parts of the country are being impacted by La Nina nature phenomenon.

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