Jakarta records nine clusters of COVID-19 since early August

Although new clusters of COVID-19 emerged, most of the new COVID-19 cases were found in the clusters of health facilities

Jakarta – The Jakarta Health Office has recorded nine new clusters of the novel coronavirus disease since early this month, which have added to the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the capital.

The new clusters include a quarantine facility for migrant workers or ship crew members, place of worship, and detention house, said head of the Jakarta Health Office, Widyastuti.

“The ship crew members or Indonesian migrant workers number 962 and 26 new cases (of COVID-19) were also found in the detention house,” she said in a video posted by the Jakarta City Administration on Youtube on Monday.

“Although new clusters of COVID-19 emerged, most of the new COVID-19 cases were found in the clusters of health facilities,” she pointed out.

She said many residents came to health facilities on their own for a check-up and were later found to have contracted COVID-19.

“The number of residents coming to hospitals reached 8,850, or 56 percent (of the new cases),” she noted.

Meanwhile, the number of COVID-19 patients, based on the results of active case finding (ACF), was 4,068, she added.

“The number of patients found in the community was 4,068, or 25 percent. The figure was based on the results of tracing, or ACF. If we do not look for them, we will not find them,” she remarked

Following is the break-up of cases reported from the nine new COVID-19 clusters in Jakarta since early August, 2020:

1. Hospitals: 8,850 cases;

2. Community: 4,068 cases;

3. Ship crew members, or Indonesian migrant workers: 962 cases;

4. Offices: 776 cases;

5. Markets: 589 cases;

6. Employees of health facilities: 326 cases;

7. Religious activities: 134 cases;

8. Orphanages: 35 cases;

9. Prisons or detention houses: 26 cases.


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