LIPI’s Papua details center to work as data repository

Jakarta – The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has actually released a Papua information center that will function as a storage facility of data for local development policies and programs.

At a discussion and launch of a virtual Papuan paperwork site here on Monday, Head of the National Research Study and Innovation Company (BRIN) Laksana Tri Handoko specified that the Papua information center had actually demonstrated LIPI’s dedication to recording clinical information on Papua.

Handoko, ex-chairman of LIPI, remarked that technical information on Papua is not just useful for scientific advancement however can likewise be used as a basis for framing policies and programs for regional development.

LIPI researchers have actually performed clinical activities in Papua for 4 years, and such research on Papua has been continuous until now.

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Around 200 researchers are associated with over 150 scientific activities of LIPI on Papua Island. The research results covering numerous disciplines are well-documented and accessible to the general public through the Papua info center page handled by the Center for Scientific Data and Paperwork of LIPI.

Academic works on Papua at the Papua information center make up concerns of languages, environment, maritime affairs, custom-mades, botany, development, education, health, unique autonomy, politics, and separatist disputes.

Information from clinical research study results can be utilized during the data- and knowledge-based policy-making process in addition to for chalking out Papua’s advancement programs in general.

” Obviously, we do not desire the information gathered in this nationwide scientific repository to be static information, however it needs to have a tactical meaning associated to Papua to show to the world Indonesia’s significant attention and efforts toward the progress of Papua from the start,” Handoko mentioned.
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