Papua provincial govt advised to designate endowment fund for education

To handle this endowment fund, the Finance Ministry’s LPDP model can be adopted

Jayapura, Papua – The Indonesian financing ministry has actually advised the Papua provincial government to designate an endowment fund to fund human resources advancement and education for native Papuans.

The fund might be assigned from Papua Province’s yearly budget, Director of the Financing Ministry’s Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) Scholarship Program Dwi Larso stated.

” To manage this endowment fund, the Finance Ministry’s LPDP design can be adopted,” he was estimated by ANTARA as saying on Sunday.

Dwi Larso recently spoke at a training on handling scholarship plan, held for civil servants of Papua Province’s Human Resources Development Agency in Jakarta.

The LPDP now handles an endowment fund, totaling Rp70 trillion, to fund scholarship recipients originating from numerous parts of Indonesia, he stated.

The LPDP financed 28,000 scholarship receivers, and 13,000 of them had actually finished their higher education programs, Larso stated.

The Papua provincial administration might embrace such a comparable endowment fund for education as that of the LPDP to support its personnels development ventures.

The funding resources might be the Papua provincial federal government’s yearly spending plan, unique autonomy funds, or other resources, he said.

By having this endowment fund for education, the Papua provincial administration would more easily finance its human resources advancement, education, and research study programs.

Scientists, moneyed by this endowment fund to conduct their research study projects, would help the Papua provincial government manage the province’s abundant natural resources.

The development of personnels in Papua and West Papua stays a tricky challenge as the Human being Advancement Index scores of these provinces stays lower than that of other provinces in Indonesia.

Referring to Indonesia’s 2019 Human Being Development Index, Papua and West Papua recorded scores of 64.7 and 60.84 respectively.

The two provinces are reeling from a shortage of teaching staff on account of the truth that native Papuans not simply live in coastal locations but likewise in remote mountainous and uneven locations.

In dealing with this challenging reality, Indonesian soldiers stationed there work as voluntary instructors at schools.

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