President instructs to use COVID-19 client treatment standards

This is a little lower than the typical active cases on the planet that reached 23.12 percent. I believe this is great and must be improved further

Jakarta – President Joko Widodo offered instructions pertaining to the application of treatment standards for COVID-19 patients at healthcare facilities.

” Last night, I got a report from the vice chairman of the Committee and the health minister that for the treatment standards, all have been advised to describe the requirements detailed by the Ministry of Health to be applied in the intensive care system (ICU), seclusion spaces, and quarantine halls. This is very essential,” the president noted at the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta, Monday.

” We are optimistic of the mortality rate constantly going down and the healing rates getting better,” Widodo said at a minimal conference on COVID-19 handling and economic recovery held through video teleconference.

The president mentioned information of COVID-19 cases according to September 27 2020, which revealed that active cases in Indonesia balanced at 22.46 percent.

” This is somewhat lower than the average active cases on the planet that reached 23.12 percent. I believe this is excellent and must be improved even more,” he said.

Widodo kept in mind that in comparison with August 2020, the mortality rate due to COVID-19 in Indonesia also dropped to 3.

” As compared to the worldwide death rate, ours is somewhat greater, as the global rate reached 3.01 percent. This is our homework together to continuously stem the number, so it can go down gradually,” the president mentioned.

Healing rate for COVID-19 patients in Indonesia reached an average of 73.76 percent, still lower than the international healing rate that averages 73.85 percent.

As of Sunday (September 27), the cumulative number of locals that had actually contracted COVID-19 in Indonesia reached 275,213 According to the federal government information, 203,014 patients had recuperated from the infection, while 10,386 individuals had actually succumbed to the illness.

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