Student sustaining gunshot wound left to Timika: police

Jayapura, Papua – Manus Murib, an 11 th grade trainee of Gome professional high school (SMK) who sustained a severe gunshot wound, had actually been left to Timika, Mimika District, Papua Province, on Saturday to get a medical treatment, according to a police officer.

Another victim was recognized as Atanius Murib, a trainee of Ilaga senior high school (SMA), Puncak Authorities Chief Adjunct Sen.Coms.

Atanius Murib passed away at the criminal offense scene that could just be reached on foot by walking for about 15 hours from Ilaga Subdistrict, Puncak District, he was priced estimate by ANTARA as stating here Sunday.

Prior to his evacuation, he told the police that he and Atanius Murib were assaulted on their way to Agandume Subdistrict.

The two students were shot from a height inside a jungle in between Agandume and Dume Subdistricts. Their enemies then decreased to examine the victims, and take an image of them prior to leaving the crime scene, he said.

After knowing that the aggressors had left the area, Manus Murib informed the cops that he attempted to look for a help of locals of Jakimaki Village. A priest and numerous villagers carried Murib to the Ilaga university hospital to get a healthcare.

Departed Atanius Murib would be evacuated by his family and buried in his town, Saragih included.

The Indonesian province of Papua has continued to attest to a vicious circle of violence, with armed Papuan criminal groups in the districts of Intan Jaya and Nduga targeting civilians and security workers over the previous couple of months.

Intan Jaya taped its bloodiest month in September this year, with armed groups launching a series of attacks in the area that declared the lives of 2 soldiers and 2 civilians and injured two others.

The well-known armed groups in the Indonesian province continued their acts of terror in October.

On October 9, 2020, for example, an armed group assailed a joint fact-finding group (TGPF) established by the government to examine a recent shooting in Mamba town, Sugapa sub-district.

In the occurrence, a TGPF member– Gadjah Mada University (UGM) lecturer Bambang Purwoko– was shot in the leg, while a TNI soldier– First Sgt Faisal Akbar of the Hitadipa Task Force– sustained injuries on the waist.

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