Show HN: Nikon DSLR as video conf web cam on Mac

Really nice, absolutely give it it’s own repo!

I would’ve chosen libgphoto2, too, if the Mac didn’t already have all this half-baked PTP facilities in place, and if libgphoto2 would’ve been much easier to integrate into the CoreMediaIO pipeline.

For macOS I would most likely use the main drives that Fujifilm launched– less hacky, for sure–, but it does not look like Canon released something similar.

You need to most likely ping the people at PetaPixel[1] to get it out there, as I am sure a great deal of individuals would gain from this.


Canon does have something, however it does have issues. E.g., it can not navigate the Library Recognition issue with Zoom and Skype (they tell you it can’t be utilized with those, which isn’t rather real), plus you can not alter electronic camera settings while running it.

> plus you can not alter video camera settings while running it

Same goes for libgphoto, and Fujifilm’s own implementation, by the method.

That is fascinating.

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