Show HN: Remote Tech Task Interview Cheat Sheet

Hey Hackers,

Yura and Nikita here: we’re the founders of YouTeam (W18).
Today we present a basic personalized cheat sheet for you to quickly asses the soft abilities of your remote engineering prospect:

Everybody who ever needed to speak with a task candidate understands – these interviews suck!

You just have an hour or so to decide that will have an extensive impact on your service and may possibly cost you tens of thousands of dollars. The trickiest part is assessing the soft skills: attitude, cultural fit, worths. Is this the “ideal” individual for your team? This question ends up being even more tough if the prospect isn’t sitting in the exact same room with you and all you have is a fuzzy Zoom video. Which becomes a brand-new ‘regular’ nowadays.
Wise guys say – ‘preparation is the key’. Yet in practice, it turns our tricky to designate devoted time to thoroughly get ready for each interview. Few of us who are that best generally work for British Intelligence.

At YouTeam, we speak with numerous engineers regularly – part of our basic vetting procedure. When you do something on a regular basis for several years – specific patterns begin to emerge. You all of a sudden see what works and what does not, which concerns give you crucial insights and which are useless.

Today we decided to share what we found out for over 3 years with the world – in a type of the adjustable cheatsheet. Typically, you only have time for 10-15 questions – so we made this simple to pick only what you consider relevant. The whole procedure takes simply a couple of clicks – so if you didn’t get to prep beforehand (much like as the majority of us) – this tool can be your quick last hope.

Eagerly anticipating hearing your feedback on how this cheatsheet operated in the field and how we can make it much better.

Thanks – and stay healthy!

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