Ex-BPN Official Commits Suicide Moments Before Arrest Over Graft

IDNEWSNOW.COM, Jakarta The former national defense agency (BPN) of Denpasar City and Badung Regency, Tri Nugraha (53), on Monday evening is believed to have committed suicide as he was about to be taken into custody and into a prisoner transport vehicle over graft and money laundering charges. 

After he had allegedly shot himself in his left chest, Tri Nugraha was immediately taken to the Bros Hospital at around 7 PM local time. 

“At the time, he said that he wanted to use the restroom. Suddenly a pop was heard, which was when we opened the toilet door as it wasn’t locked,” said Bali’s prosecutor’s office deputy, Asep Maryono, on Monday night.

“He used a pistol, which we don’t know what type it is yet. He shot himself in his chest. We were not aware that he carried the pistol. There was only one shot heard,” Maryono explained. “We didn’t know about the pistol as it was Tri Nugraha’s possession. What’s important now is that we have informed his relatives.”

According to the prosecutor’s office, the former head of BPN Denpasar and BPN Badung had previously been summoned but was unable to fulfill Bali Prosecutor’s Office’s request. It was rescheduled on the fateful day Nugraha decided to take his own life. 

It is believed that during the questioning session, Tri Nugraha took with him items that were in his office locker to his home before returning back to the Bali high prosecutor’s office and commit suicide

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