Flight SJ182: KNKT Downloads Data from Flight Data Recorder

IDNEWSNOW.COM, Jakarta National Transportation Safety Commission (KNKT) Chief Soerjanto Tjahjono on Friday announced the data of Flight SJ182’s black box (flight data recorder/FDR) were being downloaded. 

The flight data recorder was recovered from the ruins of Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182 on January 13 as the search effort entered its fourth day. 

“There are 330 perimeters and all are in good condition. We are studying it right now,” said the KNKT Chief on January 15.

Previously, the KNKT subcommittee chief of aviation accident investigation, Nurcahyo Utomo, announced the CSMU (crash survivable memory unit) had survived the impact. 

The agency also revealed that both of the turbofan engines of Flight SJ182 were still operating until the moment of impact, which was confirmed by the aircraft’s ADS-B data and investigation of the wreckage that were able to be recovered by the joint evacuation team.

The remaining source of data to confirm what caused the Sriwijaya Air to tragically fall into the shallow sea of the Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) area is contained in the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) that has yet to be recovered. 

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