Jakarta Bans Eid al-Adha Qurban in Covid-19 Red Zones

IDNEWSNOW.COM, Jakarta – The Jakarta administration through the Food, Maritime, Agriculture Security Agency has prohibited the slaughter of sacrificial animals or qurban during 2020 Eid al-Adha in the areas classified as Covid-19 red zone.

“For densely-populated areas and those categorized as red zones, the slaughter of sacrificial animals will be moved to predetermined slaughterhouses,” said the KPKP Head Darmuji in a written statement on Thursday, July 2.

Darmuji mentioned that the decision was aimed at preventing the potential transmission of the novel coronavirus infection and as to comply with the ongoing transitional PSBB or Large-Scale Social Restrictions.

As published by Jakarta’s official website for the coronavirus mitigation, corona.jakarta.go.id, as of July 2, 2020, a total of 27 community units or RW were considered as areas with a high risk of Covid-19 transmission.

The following is the list of 27 RW classified as Covid-19 red zone:

-RW 04 of Kenari sub-district

-RW 04 of Senen sub-district

-RW 01 of Pegangsaan sub-district

-RW 08 of Kebon Sirih sub-district

-RW 07 of Tanah Tinggi sub-district

-RW 02 of Cempaka Putih Timur sub-district

-RW 03 of Kartini sub-district

-RW 05 of Jatipulo sub-district

-RW 07 of Kota Bambu Utara sub-district

-RW 05 of Kota Bambu Selatan sub-district

-RW 01 of Jembatan Besi sub-district

-RW 06 of Krendang sub-district

-RW 11 of Angke sub-district

-RW 07 of Petojo Selatan sub-district

-RW 15 of Menteng Atas sub-district

-RW 03 of Pasar Manggis sub-district

-RW 01,12 of Pademangan Timur sub-district

-RW 04 of Pancoran sub-district

-RW 05 of Kalibata

-RW 02 of Kampung Melayu

-RW 007 of Bidara Cina

-RW 01, 02, 03, 05, 09 of Sunter Jaya sub-district

Additionally, Darmuji asserted that the slaughterhouses during the Eid al-Adha would only open for the qurban committee under the predetermined health protocols.

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