Avoid crowding while distributing zakat: Minister informs mosques

Distribute zakat without causing a crowd

Jakarta – Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas has actually asked zakat (alms) committees at mosques to prevent crowding and observe strict health protocols while dispersing zakat this year.

” Distribute zakat without causing a crowd. Do not let a crowd like what occurred in previous years, where the mustahik (receivers) scrambled,” stated the minister in a composed declaration here on Monday.

The ministry will keep an eye on the collection and distribution of zakat to guarantee health procedures are strictly executed, he mentioned.

In addition, the ministry will coordinate with the administrators of Zakat, Infaq and Alms (ZIS) to make the most of services through online transfers by opening zakat payment accounts for the muzaki, the people who pay zakat, he notified.

” So zakat payments can be made through electronic channels, so that the muzaki do not require to come straight to the zakat collection point,” he described.

Furthermore, the minister also highlighted the value of holding takbiran and Eid prayers under stringent observance of health protocols. He asked the public not to perform taking a trip takbir, and instead, perform these activities in the mosque.

Discussing the Eid prayer services, he said only locations in green and yellow zones will be enabled to perform them. Red and orange zones will be forbidden from holding Eid prayers in mosques or fields as that might possibly cause crowding, he added.

The policy has actually been put down in Circular Number 04 of 2021 worrying Guidelines for Ramadan and Eid Praise in 1442 H.

The minister said he anticipated the policy to serve as a guideline for regional officials and security forces while cracking down on offenses of health procedures.

” This policy will be worthless if it is not implemented. For that reason, we expect cooperation between local government and security forces to crack down on offenses,” Quomas added. (INE)

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